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Why does Fullbrook have a school dog? 

There is a huge amount of research showing that children can benefit from wiorking with a dog alongside their teacher, a dog can support children's;

Empathy and Theory of Mind

Wellbeing, Relationships and self-regulation

Listening and attention


Physical skills

Want to find out more? See our school prospectus

What do I do each day at school?

At the moment, I'm  helping look after the staff's wellebing, but from January I will be able to;

Join a group for story time

Work 1:1 with some of the children

Help children when they feel sad or anxious

Help improve attendance and wellbeing

Where will you find me at school? 

You will always find me with Andrina, I will either be in;

Andrina's office

Walking on a tight leash around school

Working with a small group of children

Having Toby time with a child

My favourite things:

Coming to nursery to see the children

Living with my family

Wagging my tail!

Eating my special dog food!

Going for long walks

Running in long grass

Playing fetch with a ball or frisbee


What special training am I having?

Just like our children, I have to learn how to be a school dog. So for the 1st year I will be coming to school, but not working in contact with the children. I will be going to weekly lessons and having training in school. From January, I’ll be ready to start seeing children. For now, the staff are able to benefit from my company and the children can see be at a distance whilst on the lead. I am insured to be on site and have a fully risk assessment in place.

What happens if you'd prefer not to meet me? 

am a Labrador who has been specially chosen for my kind, loving and gentle temperament around children and adults. Some of my cousins have special jobs guiding the blind or warning against epileptic seizures. So, I’m perfect for this job, but if you are allergic to me or nervous around me please just say and our paths will not cross.

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