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mini adventures

Why are these Family Adventures so important to your child’s development?

We want all our children to grow up happy, healthy and successful adults. In order for them to do this they need something more than just being able to read, write and count. They need to experience first-hand the rich and varied world around them.

They need to make discoveries for themselves and develop the curiosity to investigate and problem solve. They need to stimulate all their senses, develop their own interests and feel a sense of achievement that learning new skills brings. They need to spend quality time with you, sharing fun and exciting new experiences.

As adults, these Mini Adventures may seem simple, but to a child the wider world around them is an unknown landscape full of awe and wonder to explore and discover. The experiences we will suggest are low cost and easily accessible. We hope our families enjoy them.


During the Spring term you will receive a list of Mini Adventures and further ideas through our Marvellous Me Parent App.

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