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home learning

Working in partnerships with parents is very important to us and has a huge impact on the progress your child will make. Home learning is part of this relationship, we will work in partnership with you to revisit and embed the learning that happens in nursery at home.

sharing knowledge

Parents know their children the best, and we’ll ask you to share this important knowledge with us at different points throughout the year. During induction we’ll find out lots about your child which will help their Key Worker begin to plan their learning journey.

There has been a huge amount of research into how young children’s brains develop and learn. Fullbrook is a very different place now to what it was 25 years ago, so we want to share some of that research knowledge we have gained with you. This will be done through workshops, story cafes and leaflets.

Play based home learning

All our suggestions for home learning will be play based and use resources that you have within the home. Children learn best through play, quite often they don’t even realise that they are ‘learning’. Our activities are chosen to fit into every day routines like bath time and are designed to only take up to 5-10 minutes each.

Focus on Vocabulary

Lots of the activities we suggest will include key vocabulary that we would like you to use with your child. Increasing children’s mathematical, literacy and scientific vocabulary is a prime focus for their time at Fullbrook.

Marvellous Me - Our fabulously free parent communication App

During your induction we will provide the joining details for our Marvellous Me App. We use this app for all of the communication between school and home. It’s a great way to communicate and environmentally friendly to!

Home Learning
Sharing ideas and activities with home

Each day you will receive;

  • 1000 stories to share – A story book to share with your child and a collecting card with suggestions of the questions and conversations you can have whilst sharing it.

Across the week you will receive;

  • Story of the week – an online link to the story that we will be sharing each day in nursery. Your child should become very familiar with the story and by the end of the week begin to be able to talk about the characters, recall the events and remember some of the key phrases.

  • Maths Chat – a mathematical activity to follow up on our maths vocabulary focus in nursery.

  • Sustainable curriculum activity- part of our curriculum focuses on children learning to become sustainable citizens and learning about the world around them. We will let you know the focus for each half term and send a weekly activity.

Each term you will receive;

  • Wellcomm activities- we screen your child’s language and communication development every 10 weeks using our Wellcomm screening tool. After each screening we will let you know how they’ve done and provide you with language skills and activities to focus on.

  • Physical challenge – you will receive a physical based activity for each school holiday.

Focus Week

Each term, your child will take a turn at being the Focus Child, this means that their Key Worker will focus on planning and supporting your child’s learning journey very closely over two weeks. At the end of those two weeks you will be invited into nursery to have a conversation with your child’s teacher about what they have learnt and what they need to learn next.

Those children who qualify for Early Years Pupil Premium will also be involved in additional projects which will incorporate home learning resources and activities.

Offering targeted and individualised support

Your child’s wellbeing is the most important we can offer support around sleep routines, toilet training, dummy use and behaviour. These are things that we need to get right before children start to make progress in their learning.

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